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24 hour locksmith Rockwall Tx: Understanding Common Lock Problems

It’s common for locks to develop problems which make them difficult to open. While this is the case, this doesn’t mean that you can’t repair the problems even if you aren’t a 24 hour locksmith Rockwall Tx. Here are the common lock problems and how to rectify them:

Door Key Doesn’t Work

If your door key isn’t working chances are that you are using the wrong key. You should get the right key and open the door. If the key works with a lot of effort you should lubricate it with graphite. If the key turns but it doesn’t open the lock, you should disassemble the lock to ensure that the cam is properly engaged with the bolt.

If the key fails to get into the lock you should check and see if the lock is frozen. If it is frozen you should heat the key and insert it gradually into the keyway.

Entire Lock Cylinder Turns

When this happens chances are that the setscrews that hold the lock cylinder are loose or broken.  If your lock is a mortise lock you should remove the face-plate and locate cylinder setscrews that are usually in line with the center of the cylinder. You should then tighten the setscrews by turning them in the clockwise direction. When doing this ensure that you engage the slot that turns along the edge of the cylinder.

If you have a surface-mounted rim lock you should remove the case and tighten the screws.

Key Is Broken Off In the Lock

Here you should use pliers to grip and pull the key straight out. If you can’t get a grip even when you use the needle-nose pliers, you should insert the blade into the keyway and try to hook and drag the key out. If this also fails you should remove the cylinder and then insert a stiff wire into the cam slot at the back of the cylinder and push out the key.

If you have tried rectifying the problem and it won’t go away you should highly consider hiring a locksmith service company Rockwall Tx to help you.

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