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Common Ways That An Emergency Locksmith Service TX Will Scam You

While there are many reputable locksmiths, there are many others that are scammers. Here are some of the ways in which they scam you:

Lockout Drilling

This is the most common scam with locksmiths. Many professionals usually promise you that they can drill your lock for $15. They start the picking procedure then after 5 minutes they say that there’s a problem.

Here they tell you that your lock is either high-security, unconventional, un-pickable, stuck, or from overseas thus they don’t recognize it.

When they tell you this, they leave you with no option, but to buy  a new lock for $149-$349.

We Only Take Cash

Scammers usually advertise that they accept credit cards, but when they reach your place they say that they don’t accept anything else other than cold, hard, cash. If you meet such professionals you shouldn’t accept to pay in cash.

The best way of going about it is insisting that you will pay using your credit card. The good thing with paying using your credit card is that you can reverse the payment in the event that you notice that you didn’t receive the service that you wanted.

We Can Only Drill

If you have called an Emergency Locksmith Service TX and when he peeks at your lock he says that he can’t access the building if he can’t drill out the entire lock, the professional will most likely be lying. Many scammers will give you this excuse so that they can sell you a new handle set.

If you meet such a locksmith you shouldn’t allow him/her to work on your lock. Remember that a professional locksmith is trained to access your home in a non-destructive way. A professional locksmith should also have the right tools to pick the lock without any problem.

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