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Emergency Locksmith Service TX: How To Open Car Trunk

The trunk of your car usually has a locking mechanism that is different from the rest of the locks. Due to this, emergency locksmith service TX recommend that you should deal with the lock differently. If you have lost the keys of your trunk you shouldn’t worry as you can easily open the trunk using these tips:

How to Open a Car Trunk after Losing Keys

You should start by sliding the hook end of the slimjim between the passenger side window and window trim. You should use the slimjim to feel around for the lock rod. The lock rod is a rod that connects the door handle to the locking mechanism and it’s usually located near the door handle.

You should move the slimjim around the door handle until you are able to hook the rod. After hooking the rod you should go ahead and unlock the passenger side door.

You should pull the lock rod using a slimjim until you hear the door lock click. When you hear the click it means that the door has been unlocked. You should open the door and move into the driver’s seat and pull the trunk release in order to open the trunk.

If the truck release has problems you should move to the back seat and pull the seat release lever in order to access the trunk area of the vehicle. When you get to the trunk you should locate the trunk safety release lever which is usually located near the back of the trunk.

The main function of the lever is to prevent you from being locked in the trunk accidentally. To open the trunk you should pull the lever.


These are tips on how to open the trunk of your car if you have lost your keys. To avoid damaging your car it’s wise that you hire a professional locksmith service TX to do the work for you.

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