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Locksmith Company:How To Rekey A House Lock In Plano

It’s highly recommended that you rekey your lock in order to prevent break-in, theft and any acts of vandalism.  Although, it’s wise that you hire a professional locksmith company in Plano TX to do the work for you, you can rekey the locks by yourself if you have the right skills. Here is how you should go about it:

Buy a Rekeying Kit

You can easily get rekeying kits from hardware stores and home centers. You should note that most kits have the ability of rekeying up to six locks of the same manufacture. If you need more kits you should go ahead and make a special request. The cool thing is that they are very easy to use; therefore, you don’t have to be a locksmith to use them.

Remove the Lock

Once you have the right rekeying kit you should go ahead and remove the lock. You can do this by inserting the key into the lock and turn it until you open the lock. You should then remove the lock cylinder and the lock cylinder plug. You should use a tool in the kit to do this. When removing the cylinder and the plug you need to be careful that you don’t pop the springs out of the cylinder.

Put In the New Pins

You should remove the old pins and insert the new ones. When inserting the new ones you should ensure that you match the color pins to the color code according to the instructions on the rekeying kit. If the pins aren’t coded you should use trial and error where you inset and withdraw the key to ensure that it fits the lock with the new pins installed.

After inserting the pins you will have rekeyed your lock and protected your house.


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