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Locksmith Service Company Arlington Tx: How To Open A Broken Lock

Is your lock broken and you want to open it? There are many reasons why locks break. The most common ones are: jammed bolts, worn out combination wheels and malfunctioned locking mechanisms.  The cool thing is that you can open the lock even if you don’t have skills of a locksmith service company in Arlington TX.

Ways of Opening a Broken Lock

You should spray a lubricant into the keyhole and the padlock bolt. This is aimed at removing any debris that maybe blocking the key from entering and turning the keyhole. You should then insert the tip of the flathead screwdriver into the space where the padlock bolt enters the main part of the padlock.

While jamming the screwdriver as far as it can go, you should tap it using a hammer. To avoid damaging the lock you should tap with minimal force. You should continue tapping until the bolt releases out of the padlock.

You should slide the screwdriver into the side of the plastic and press upwards in order to pop the cover off. By removing the cover you will access the lock latches. You should snap the latch open by wedging the tip of the screwdriver in this spot.

Using a hammer you should hit the bolt portion of the padlock where the bolt meets the round combination part of the lock. You should continue hitting until the bolt releases from the rest of the lock.

If everything fails you should consider cutting the lock. You should cut the bolt part of the lock using bolt cutters.


This is how you should open a broken lock. If you are having trouble doing it you should consider hiring a professional locksmith service Arlington TX to help you with the opening.

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