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Locksmith Services-How To Replace A Car Door Lock Cylinder

A car lock cylinder is a very important part of your car. According to professional locksmith services, the unit not only protects you and your loved ones, it also protects your car from theft. While the unit is very important, the unfortunate thing is that it tends to wear out as you use it. The cool thing is that you can replace it whenever it develops problems. Here is how you should replace it:

How to Replace a Car Door Lock Cylinder

You should start by unlocking the door and then using your key, roll the car window up. You should then push the ends of the C-clip (located behind the handle) using a window handle puller and remove the window handle from the bar.

You should then remove the inside door panel starting from the lower corners and work your way towards the top of the door panel.

While pulling off the bracket clip that holds the rock cylinder, you should pull the lock cylinder out of the door from the outside and remove the piece that connects the cylinder to the lock indicator stem. You should do this by pulling up the three small tabs that attach to the smaller bracket from the back of the lock cylinder. The best tool to use in achieving this is a needle-nose pliers.

After doing this you should assemble the new lock cylinder just like the old one. You should first put the rubber gasket on the part of the cylinder that will fit on the outside of the car door and then push the new bracket on the cylinder in order to hold the gasket in place.

You should then put the complete lock system into the door hole and align it with the cylinder slot. Once everything is in place you should test the new door and confirm that it’s working perfectly.


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